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A financial plan usually only works if you can stick to it…

A pie-in-the-sky financial plan generally won’t get you to your goal. A financial plan needs to be realistic, thorough, flexible, and attainable. It should be a living document that is continually reviewed and updated, with the flexibility to grow and change in sync with your life. A financial plan should:

  • Provide a snapshot of your balance sheet so that you can be aware of your financial standing at all times.
  • Reflect real, ongoing costs, such as healthcare, taxes, household expenses, and – most importantly – the impact of inflation.
  • pressure-test your portfolio to see how well it will perform under different market scenarios.
  • Show how varied possibilities, such as lifespan, inflation rates, and investment performance – will impact results.
  • Expect the unexpected, such as the impact of losing a family member or the influence of long-term medical care requirements.
  • Show the varied implications of financial decisions such as taking or deferring Social Security benefits or obtaining a home equity loan.
  • Make sense to you and your family.
  • Be realistic about how to achieve financial goals.

At von Berge Wealth Management, we create plans that organize and align your financial life in actionable ways. We then keep you on track with regular plan reviews and recommendations on fine-tuning your plan to assist you in achieving the financial independence you desire.