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San Diego Office

600 West Broadway,

Suite 2625
San Diego, CA 92101

New Client Welcome

Serving clients is our highest priority, and our disciplined approach and transparent process are designed to allow for a positive experience.

The ultimate question in wealth planning is, “What does financial independence mean to me?” Our wealth planning process is intended to help answer that question and quantify your dreams. We will assist you in determining the amount needed to achieve and sustain the lifestyle you want and to create the legacy you desire for your loved ones.

You’ve worked hard for your success. Our goal is to make your success work hard for you.

Financial Evaluation and Planning

First Meeting: Let’s Get Acquainted

At our first meeting, we will :

  • Learn about you and your goals.
  • Get a snapshot of your current financial situation.
  • Explain our approach, costs and services.

You will:

  • Meet our team members.
  • Ask us questions.
  • Decide if the fit feels right. If you’re comfortable with us. we’ll move ahead with planning.

Second Meeting: Putting Our Findings to Work

Working together at this meeting, we will:

  • Develop a detailed picture of your finances and investments.
  • Design a roadmap of your investment plan.
  • Assess whether you’re on the right road to all your financial goals.
  • Demonstrate how your current portfolio is performing for you and highlight areas for improvement.
  • Evaluate your risks, investments, income, benefits, and future obligations.

Third Meeting: Customized Recommendations and Analysis

At our third meeting, you can expect:

  • Written recommendations for both financial planning and investments, including asset allocation.
  • A clear explanation of how our recommended strategy is different from what you’re currently doing—and why it makes sense for you.

After three meetings, some clients are happy to receive our recommended financial plan and set of recommendations, which are theirs to keep. But, most clients wish to take the next step and become a von Berge Wealth Management client, to begin implementing the plans we developed.

Becoming a von Berge Client

Once you become a von Berge Wealth Management client, we will be by your side, implementing our recommendations and assisting you on the path towards achieving your goals of financial independence.

First, we will establish a timeline for bringing you on board and initiating your planning and investment program. We will process new account paperwork, input any good-till-canceled orders for stocks and options, and will review any insurance needs.

Next, we will confer with your other trusted advisers and share comparative analyses. We will determine what other resources may be required to ensure proper advisers communication, and we review estate planning, to evaluate asset structuring and protection planning (as needed). We will then lay out a timeline, to ensure everyone stays on track.

We will keep a watchful eye on asset structuring, protection planning, stock and option strategy, execution and reinvestment, and regular portfolio reviews.

Finally, we will provide regular updates on the wealth management process you're your accounts, and shall review your wealth plan annually, in detail, to help identify new investment.

From start to finish, our focus is to provide you with a clear and thorough roadmap to help achieve financial independence, with the discipline to stay on target and the flexibility to shift course when and if circumstances warrant.